Cheap Container Hire Auckland from $25 per week +GST.

Hardcase Container Hire can deliver an inexpensive shipping container for storage cheaper than others in west Auckland.

Hardcase Container Hire have been supplying shipping containers for furniture storage, secure builderssheds, and for temporary space when you find yourself between homes. We supply “sudden Space” and secure lockable storage to customers from West Auckland (Waitakere), Rodney, North Shore and Manukau- in fact right around the greater Auckland region. We are the premier Container for Hire company for you! It costs so little!Click Here Button Yellow

Hardcase Container Hire has a range of 20 foot containers available to hire in Auckland to your site.

Hardcase Container Hire has a range of 20 foot containers available to hire in Auckland to your site.

Hardcase Container Hire is miserly cheap at a paltry $25/week plus GST for all that storage space in a 20 foot container at your place. We service all of Auckland from our yard in Henderson, Waitakere. Wow! Can prices drop any lower? These are amazing- Cheap! Ludicrous! More>> Click Here Button Yellow

Temporary Announcement: May 2018

Back in February, we were taking upto 5 days to deliver containers, simply because the demand was unprecedented. This has changed. We caught up with our backlog and can now deliver with 2 working days. Also we are expecting another batch of containers to arrive in June.


Moving? Use a Container to shift!

Selling in Auckland and moving elsewhere? Hire a transportable container.

We can deliver a container to your home for you to load with your household. Then store it at our yard for as long as is needed. Then transport it to your new home anywhere in the North Island.

The whole costs depends on time and distance, but often for under $2500.

The process:-

Deliver an empty container to your place for loading. Have it for a week or so.

Transport the loaded container to our secure yard for storage (or a storage facility of your choosing), not limited to time.

Then transport the loaded container to your new place, unload it in 2 hours, and return the empty container back.

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Rental to your site
10′ Container (3m long) 20′ Container (6m long) 40′ Container (12m long)
Weekly Rate (min 4 wks) $25.00+GST $25.00+GST
3 Month lease $300.00+GST $300.00+GST
6 Month lease $600.00+GST $600.00+GST
1 year lease $1150.00+GST $1150.00+GST
Rental and storage at our secure Henderson yard
10′ Container (3m long) 20′ Container (6m long) 40′ Container (12m long)
Weekly Rate (min 4 wks) $65.00 incl GST $65.00 incl GST
1 Month lease $250.00 incl GST $250.00 incl GST
3 Month lease $750 incl GST $750 incl GST
6 month lease $1500.00 incl GST $1500.00 incl GST

Looking for additional temporary storage?

Call Suzanne or Shaye  0800-837433 and we can have a container delivered to your site possibly as early as tomorrow! Quick as a flash! or Click Here Button Yellow

Or Text ‘Box’ to Pete 021-980012 and Pete will call back soon! We can deliver a 20′ container to you as early as tomorrow.

Considering moving? Hire a container and load your household gear into it over as long a time as you want- then have it moved to your new location – and empty it at your leisure, or keep it for longer term storage until you are ready! Easy. The costs will include hire and transport at each shift, including the final return to our yard.

Container to your homeload itmove to new placestore itempty itRemove it– Done!  🙂

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Standard 20 foot intermodal container. Containers have a very interesting origin – click here for more>>

Condensation? Its a serious issue for storage! Take measures against condensation. >>Click here

Use our On-Site facility! Store your gear/treasures/merchandise/furniture at our yard under lock and key in our container. This is $250/month incl GST including container hire. Access is weekdays and Saturday mornings. And no trucking costs! Hah! Simple solution to a space problem. Click Here Button Yellow

How long do you need a Container?

1 week? 1 month? 1 year? longer? No Problem! You keep it as long as you require. There are no time constraints. Our task is to satisfy your need for secure dry storage on your site or on ours. Click Here Button Yellow


Delivery rates from close to Henderson range from  $180 + GST = $207.00 using a Hiab delivery truck. Great for easy maneuverability and accurate positioning. Containers usually delivered 24hours from confirmation of payment. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A QUOTE OR BOOKING! 0800-837 433 or Text ‘Box’ to Pete 021-980012 or Call Suzanne 0800-837433 Click Here Button Yellow

Hardcase Container Hire delivers anywhere in Auckland and around.

Hardcase Container Hire delivers anywhere in Auckland and around.

Range of uses:

  • Construction: Often rented for secure site sheds, storage of building materials, tools and machinery. The security of a container is hard to beat.
  • Manufacturing: Hire one for storage of raw materials and finished goods, hire containers provide a great storage solution.
  • Life style blocks: Containers provide great Shelter and storage of equipment, ATV and machinery out on the paddock.
  • Schools, Churches, City councils: Containers provide covered weathertight secure safe storage of grounds equipment, machinery and school Fair merchandice.

So if you are in Auckland City, Manukau City, Waitakere City, North Shore City, Papakura District, Rodney District, or Franklin District we can get a container out to you in no time – usually 24 hrs. Click Here Button Yellow

Lease A Container

We have a longer term facility available for clients needing longer term storage on your site or ours. This longer term ensures no disruption to your storage term, cheaper rates, and secure lockup at your convenience at your place. Click Here Button Yellow

6 month Lease only $600+GST or 12 month lease for a pathetic $1150+GST plus transport to your place and back when finished.This lease can roll over repeatedly, and the container can be replaced free of charge when it deteriorates.

Alternatively, lease a container and store it at our yard – locked at the container and at the fence, access Mon-Friday 7.30-5.30pm, and no transport costs!

Lease on our yard Monthly $250 incl GST per month

or 6 monthly $1400 incl GST /6 month lease. Click Here Button Yellow

Containers For Sale

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