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Hardcase Carriers transports a lot! We have flatbed trucks with rear mounted Hiab cranes that are available for shifting general freight transport. We can load and shift containers, boats, cabins, containers, portacom sheds, packets of timber, loose machinery and more containers, but especially containers. Our crane has a 14m reach for up to 1.3 tonne and a 4m reach for up to 6 tonne (max).

Hardcase Carriers drivers are highly skilled and experienced in lifting, transporting and precisely positioning goods across the North Island. High safety standards and time effectiveness. If you have a transport need, we are likely to be able to help you in and around the Waitakere and North Shore regions. Sifting loaded or empty containers to all parts of the North Island are a specialty of ours.

Check out our photo gallery of our Hiab crane in action.

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