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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some our most commonly asked questions to give you a better understanding of what we do at Hardcase and how we can assist you. If you have more specific questions, you are most welcome to give us a call.

What services do you offer and which areas do you service?

Hardcase Container Hire is based in Henderson, Auckland where we provide secure shipping container storage at our yard. We also deliver shipping containers Auckland wide to clients who would like their container on site.

Hardcase also provides Hiab truck and crane services across Auckland for those who require lifting or relocating of heavy machinery, building materials, cabins and other items.

Hardcase is happy to assist with deliveries outside of the above areas on request.

How much does it cost to hire a container and have it delivered to my site?

A standard 20ft container costs $170+GST per month to hire, plus transport to your site and the eventual return when you are finished. The transport cost is often the biggest component of the first invoice, and always depends on the distance from our yard. Container rental can be charged monthly or for 3 or 6 month periods.

How long can I hire a container for?

You can hire the container for as long as you require it, whether it is days, weeks, months or years. There are no restrictions on time. There is, however, a minimum charge of $170 + GST for container hire at your site or $250 + GST for storage at our yard.

I would like to hire a container for storage at the Hardcase yard

20ft storage containers can be hired for $250 + GST per month. You can either bring your contents to our yard and load them into your allocated container, or we can deliver the container to your site and, once loaded, transport it back to our yard for storage. The same applies for when you are finished with your storage.

Bring your own padlock to secure your storage container. This ensures that only you can open it. Our container yard is securely fenced and gated. Please see the below yard hours for access times.

What are the storage yard access hours?

Clients who currently have storage containers may access the yard between the following hours:
Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

If you do not currently have a storage container but would like to visit the yard and discuss your requirements, please call us on 0800 837433 to arrange a time.

How do I pay for my hire or storage?

Payment is required prior to delivery or storage container access. The first invoice will include the transport costs (if required) as well as the hire term. You will be invoiced thereafter according to your initial hire term (i.e.. monthly, 3 monthly, 6monthly etc), unless requested otherwise. Invoice payments are required by the 20th of each month.

Payment options include direct credit (bank transfer) or credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

What type of truck do you use?

We have a Volvo 8-wheeler truck with a Hiab crane rear mounted that enables easy manoeuvrability and accurate positioning of containers, sheds, boats and other items. The crane extends 6m high and reaches 8m across. The Hiab itself is 10m long, 2.6m wide and 3.9m high. It is important to consider these dimensions along with those of your driveway or site to ensure we can access your location and assist you as required. Our Hardcase drivers and crane operators are highly trained, skilled and safety-conscious with many years of experience. Each delivery is different, so talk to our team about how we can best help you.

What obstacles are there on my site that prevent truck access?

Safety is our highest priority. It is important to discuss any potential obstructions on your site with our Hardcase adviser in order to ensure a safe and efficient delivery. Below are some potential obstructions to consider:

  • Is your driveway narrow?
    Our truck needs 2.6m minimum straight access plus room for 300mm mirrors each side.
  • Are there low hanging powerlines? 
    Low powerlines means no access. We would need to offload before the power lines, or have the powerlines removed first.
  • Are there tree branches or house eaves in the way? 
    Branches scratch the truck and damage the mirrors. House eaves are often lower than the container on the truck. The truck needs sufficient room to manoeuvre on site.
  • Does your driveway have a sharp bend? 
    The truck is 10m long and can’t bend around posts. It needs sufficient room to manoeuvre. If you are unsure, email us some photos of your driveway and we can advise whether the truck can get around it.

What is the best placement of a container on my site?

We recommend placing the container with blocks beneath at each of the four corners. Levelled blocks ensures that the container doors can open smoothly and easily without jamming. Raising the container off the ground slightly with blocks, pavers or treated timber will prevent ground moisture building up inside the container.

What size container should I hire and what are the dimensions?

A 10ft container will roughly fit the contents of a 1-bedroom house inside. A 20ft will fit the contents of roughly a 3-bedroom house inside.

See the table below for dimensions:

 Approx. Measurements 10’ General Purpose 20’ General Purpose
External Length 2.99m 6.06m
Width 2.4m 2.44m
Height 2.6m 2.6m
Door Height 2.28m 2.28m
Width 2.34m 2.34m
Tare Weight 1,200kg 2,200kg
Cubic Capacity 15.9m3 33.2m3
Max Weight (Hiab) 6 tonnes

Can you shift my loaded container to a new site?

Yes, we can shift your loaded container. The maximum weight of the loaded container will need to be 6 tonne to allow our Hiab crane to lift it off the ground (that’s roughly the contents of a 3-bedroom house). If the container is fully or heavily loaded, the Hiab truck will need to be closely alongside the container to lift it. A 2m stabilizing leg will extend out from the side of the truck on the side of the loaded container.

I’m moving, how can you help me?

If you are relocating your home, office or workshop, a shipping container is a quick, easy and affordable option for you. There are 3 components. The first is the delivery of a container to your site for loading. Second: once loaded, we will transport the container to your new site. You can then unload the contents at your leisure. Third: once finished, call us for final collection and we will remove the container. Please note that a 6tonne weight limit applies to the loaded container in order to allow the Hiab crane to lift it off the ground.

Do the containers get condensation?

Our containers are water tight and weather proof, however, if your contents are damp, or the air in the container has high humidity, then it is possible for condensation to develop inside the container. Moisture in the air inside the container will condense onto the ceiling on cold winter mornings, much like steam condenses on a bathroom ceiling after a hot shower. We recommend:

  • Using Dry Pole Desiccants. These are designed to trap and reduce moisture in shipping containers. They have a long life and are powerful, absorbing 200% of their weight in moisture. We recommend using 3 per 20ft container.
  • Using a dehumidifier for a few hours each week during winter.
  • Open the doors and ventilate the container on warm dry afternoons. Then close before the cool night air comes in.
  • Cover the container with a second roof/tarpaulin with a ventilated gap between. The gap creates a thermal cavity that helps to minimise the exterior/interior temperature differential (like double glazing).

Are my contents secure?

Our containers are fully lockable, as well as wind, water & vermin proof. Using your own padlock, you can lock the container thereby ensuring that you are the only one who can access it. For additional security, we offer containers with a lockbox attached. The lockbox is a strong steel box that covers your padlock in such a way that it cannot easily be accessed with a pair of bolt cutters. It also protects your padlock from weather and wear and tear.

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