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Offsite Container Hire

Container hire at your site is easy. Hire an 8ft, 10ft or 20ft intermodal shipping container to suit your needs and we will deliver it to your home, building site, work, farm, church, school – pretty well anywhere – to provide you with a fast, secure, weatherproof and vermin proof storage solution.

Hire for 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? longer? No problem, keep it as long as you require. There are no time constraints. Our containers are fully lockable and secure. Use your own padlock to ensure that only you have access to your container. For additional security, we offer containers with a lockbox attached to better protect your container from malicious break in.

Need to position the container over a fence or in a tight spot? Our Hiab truck provides excellent manoeuvrability and accurate positioning and our operators are highly trained and safety conscious with many years of experience. Each delivery is different, so talk to our team about how we can best help you.

Check out our FAQ page for information about potential obstructions that may prevent truck access on your site, for positioning tips, condensation solutions and more.



Hire a shipping container for three months or more at your site and receive one month FREE. Further hire will continue at standard rates. Applies to new customers or existing customers who would like hire another container. Valid in Auckland only. Subject to change without notice. Transport costs are not included. Transport costs depend on delivery location.

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Container Racking

Hardcase also has racking available for your container.

  • Strong and sturdy – each shelf can carry 150Kg
  • Portable – can be moved
  • Adjustable shelving heights
  • Enables effective packing and space optimisation.
  • 4 shelf stations shown in the photo
  • Economical at $20+GST per station per month (1 station has 4 shelves)
  • Enquire now and order racking today with your container hire.

Container Rental Rates

Hardcase Container Hire Ltd

10ft Used Container (3m long) Premium 10ft Container (3m long) 20ft Used Container (6m long) Premium 20ft Container (6m long) Open Side 20ft Container
Daily Rate $5.70+GST $6.30+GST $5.00+GST $5.60+GST $11.67+GST
1 Month Hire $170.00+GST $190+GST $150.00+GST $170+GST $350+GST
3 Months Lease $510.00+GST $570+GST $450.00+GST $510+GST $1050+GST
6 Months Lease $1020.00+GST $1140+GST $900.00+GST $1020+GST $2100+GST
1 Year Lease $1800+GST $2000+GST $1650+GST $1800+GST $3500+GST
Racking or Steel shelving 1 station x 4 shelves $20+GST/ month
Dry Pole Desiccant Min 3 per container $50+GST each
Optional Extras
Racking (4 x shelf stations) $20 + GST See above
Dry Pole Desiccant $50 incl GST Click here for more info
Moving? Use a container to shift!

Get a container delivered to your home and load it over a week or so. Then we will shift it to our secure storage yard (or a facility of your choice). Then we will transport it to your next home anywhere in the North Island. Easy.

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    Delivery to your home in Auckland,

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    Then transport the loaded container to our storage yard for as long as necessary, or yours, (or straight your next home).

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    Then transport the container to your next place anywhere in the North Island, and empty it in 2 hours, and we return it to our yard.

Each delivery cost depends on distance and can be quoted for but not predetermined from here. Also, a weight limit of 6 tonne for the loaded container allows our own truck to deliver. This is about the same as a three-bedroom house full of furniture. Heavier loads can be transported by bigger trucks at greater cost. Destinations are not limited. We can deliver locally in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island.

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Shipping containers offer a secure and weatherproof storage solution for your tools and building materials on your site. Secure tool storage is a priority for many as damage or loss of valuable tool scan be a big blow to someone’s livelihood and slam the brakes on your work. Often our garages orgarden sheds are not sufficient security or space solutions.

Shipping containers, made from heavy steel, are strong superstructures and incredibly secure, especially with a lockbox attached to protect your padlock from a pair of bolt cutters. Our shipping containers are weather tight and spacious. A 20ft container will fit approx. the contents of a 3bedroom house inside! Best of all, they are mobile. Our Hiab truck and the crane can deliver and position a shipping container where most needed, for your convenience.

Hardcase has had the pleasure of assisting The Block NZ with a number of our secure containers for their renovations over the years.


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