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Storage at our Depot

Hardcase Container Hire has a depot in Henderson suitable and available for you to store your container (or boat/trailer etc) in a secure position.

This storage may be temporary until your next residence is ready, or it could last longer – as your circumstances demand. Our monthly rate of $250 + GST is quite affordable.

Our fully fenced Henderson depot is manned regularly. The opening hours are 7.30 to 5.00pm, Mon-Fri. The gates are otherwise locked and monitored.

Either bring your contents to our yard and load them into your allocated container or we can collect your loaded container (so long as it weighs less than 6 tonne – approximately the contents of a 3-bedroom house). Store your container at our yard for as long as you need, there are no time restraints. When your hire is finished, collect your contents or we can deliver the loaded container to your next preferred address in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island.

Do you have a container of your own that you would like to store at our yard? Or a boat, a trailer or something else? We have room to spare. Give us a call to see how we can help you.





One month of storage is free. All further storage continues at standard rates.
Applies to new storage inquiries only. Limited time special. Subject to change without notice.

Container Rental Rates

Hardcase Container Hire Ltd

Rental and storage at our secure Henderson yard
10’ Container (3m long) 20’ Container (6m long)
Daily Rate $8.33 + GST $8.33 + GST
1 Month lease $250.00 + GST $250.00 + GST
3 Month lease $750.00 + GST $750.00 + GST
6 month lease $1500.00 + GST $1500.00 + GST
Moving? Use a container to shift!

Get a container delivered to your home and load it over a week or so. Then we will shift it to our secure storage yard (or a facility of your choice). Then we will transport it to your next home anywhere in the North Island. Easy.

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    Delivery to your home in Auckland,

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    Then transport the loaded container to our storage yard for as long as necessary, or yours, (or straight your next home).

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    Then transport the container to your next place anywhere in the North Island, and empty it in 2 hours, and we return it to our yard.

Each delivery cost depends on distance and can be quoted for but not predetermined from here. Also, a weight limit of 6 tonne for the loaded container allows our own truck to deliver. This is about the same as a three-bedroom house full of furniture. Heavier loads can be transported by bigger trucks at greater cost. Destinations are not limited. We can deliver locally in Auckland or anywhere in the North Island.

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