Frequently Asked Questions

Container hire to your place! How, When, How much? Who best?

All people have questions about what they need and where best to get it. Below are  answers about container hire for you.

How much does it cost to hire a container?

Answer 1. Simply, a basic 20 foot container costs $27.50/week plus GST plus transport to your site and the return transport when you are finished. The transport cost is often the biggest component of the first invoice, and always depends on the distance from our yard. The 20’ container rental decreases with longer terms, for example a 3 month lease costs $330+GST.

How much does it cost to transport a container?

Answer 2. Containers are portable but the transport is the greatest component of the cost. The container hire is as little as $27.50/week+GST or better with long term leases. The empty container is delivered to your home, locally that depends on location, then the final return trip is the same cost when you are finished. Both transport costs will be on the first invoice. Once the first invoice is paid, you never have to worry about any further transport costs.

Can I hire a container at home, load it with the house furniture and then move it to our new address?

Answer 3. Yes that can be done but the transport is the greatest component of the cost. The container hire is as little as $27.50/week+GST or better with long term leases. The transport is in three parts, the delivery to your home, locally, then the loaded container is shifted by a big Hiab crane truck to your new address, and that depends on where to, for example from the North Shore to another North Shore address that is likely to costs $280+GST. Please note that the crane cannot lift loads greater than 6.0 tonne. We can deliver your loaded container to any part of the North Island. Finally, the third and final transport cost is the return of the container when you have eventually finished with it, for example, from Takapuna to our yard. The prices depend on the length of the container rental period. We take good care of our clients. If your new address is out of Auckland, we can deliver the container there, you then have 2 hours to unload it, and we return the empty container back to our yard, saving you another return trip.

Are the containers watertight?

Answer 4. Yes the containers are weather-tight from wind and rain, but not watertight like a submarine, they will eventually sink if placed in the ocean. Generally our containers have no holes from rust. Condensation is another matter. Condensation occurs in all steel containers, especially on frost winter mornings. Measures can be taken against condensation. Also, raising the container on blocks off the ground a few centimeters enables ventilation under the floor and prevents rising damp from the ground.

Will my household furniture be safe in a container? Is condensation an issue?

Answer 5. Our steel containers have a strong and secure measure of protection from being broken into and goods stolen, although a determined thief should better be shot beforehand. Normally, weather and rain won’t affect stored household goods in the steel container (See Q4 above). Even typhoons and tornados will leave a loaded container unaffected. Some ventilation between the floor and the ground will help prevent rising damp from affected stored goods in the container. The only real danger to stored household goods in a container is condensation, especially on frosty winter mornings. To avoid condensation damage, three actions will help: firstly, set up a dehumidifier in the container for a short time each week. Secondly, open the doors to ventilate the still air in the container on dry warm days. Thirdly, cover the delicate stored goods with a tarpaulin or waterproof cover.

Have you got other sized containers?

Answer 6. We have vast amounts of standard 20 foot (20’ or 6 meter) containers measuring 6m x 2.5m x 2.5m high. We also have a few 10 foot containers (10’, or 3 meters long), and these are highly sought after and still at $27.50-$30+GST per week. We currently have no 40 foot containers (12m long), but that will soon be amended. Other containers with doors and windows, air-conditioning and interior lining are planned but not yet available. Their hire rates increase from the standard container.

What is the Basic Weekly Container Hire Rental in Auckland

A 20’ (20 foot or 6 meter) steel container hires offsite for $27.50+GST/week at this time (subject to change without notice), plus transport costs to your site and eventual return. A 10 foot container costs $27.50 +GST per week (either used or premium) plus the transport to your site and eventual return. Transport costs depends on distance from our  yard but most North Shore, Waitakere, Auckland, Manukau and Eastern Auckland suburbs cost, $210+GST each way to deliver or pickup if there are no delivery issues involved. 4 weeks minimum. Rodney is further out and may cost $280+GST for each delivery.